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The challenges of work and life can range from minor to incredibly difficult, even for those who appear to be doing very well. Everyone has moments of change with which they must contend, moments of learning through which they transform.

The Foundation: Transformative Learning

Transformative learning as an activity is a way of thinking about the way we think.  Someone engaging in it cultivates a critically reflective awareness of self, others, and meaningful interpretations of circumstances.

Transformation is challenging.  Coaching can help individuals, and consulting can help organizations, achieve growth through the challenge.

Explore the About page to discover how I use this theory to assist clients, individuals and companies, with transformative development both personally and professionally.

Mezirow, J. (2000). Learning to think like an adult. In Mezirow and Associates (Eds.) Learning as transformation: Critical perspectives on a theory in progress, 3-33.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

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